About the Gala Event


After the conclusion of the formal motivational and educational programme on the first day of the conference, we will hold the award ceremony for the Start:up Slovenia competition, where we will promote the most perspective Slovenian startup companies for the eighth time in a row. The best startup will get the prestigious title “Slovenian startup of the year 2016” and receive a beautiful crystal statue. The award ceremony will be followed by a gala networking dinner for all the participants, then after the dinner, a party will take place until the early hours of the morning.




 Slovenia Competition

The Start:up Slovenia is a national competition of start-up companies. The aim of the competition is to recognize the best entrepreneurial teams and start-up companies in the Slovenian environment, provide them with professional support, potential investor contacts, and promote them to the general public. The competition is an obligatory element of the Slovene Enterprise Fund grant P2.