CEOs, development leaders, project office leaders, innovators and idea managers!

Is your development fast and effective enough?
Could you be even more lean?
Do you need new ideas and fresh inspiration?
Are you looking for new co-workers and business partners?
Would you collaborate with startups or have your own?


As a Sales Summit for salesmen, Marketing conference for marketers or HR congress for HR officers, PODIM is a 'must' for everyone who needs to ensure effective innovation and development in increasingly uncertain circumstances. 

“We will all need to become Uber,” emphasised Robert Trnovec, boss of Slovenian Microsoft, in a recent interview. Fast, lean and innovative startups that encroach upon all aspects of business and private lives and turn them upside down shouldn't present only a threat to you. Get to know them, learn from them, and connect with them. Only competition won't be enough!

So on 11 and 12 May, come to PODIM in Maribor, the biggest startup, innovation and entreprenurship conference in the Alps-Adriatic region!

How to make the most out of PODIM? 

1. PODIM regular conference programme (regular attendance) 

There will be more than 30 lectures, roundtables and workshops, presenting global experience, the latest knowledge and practical advice from the world of fast and lean companies. Choose those that are perfect for you and make your own programme. But definitely reserve Wednesday evening, when the gala announcement of the Start:up of the Year 2016 and the evening party will take place, and there will be time to network with the Slovenian startup ecosystem!

2. PODIM Corpo Think Tank (regular attendance) 

In the regular conference programme, you mustn't miss the lecture of the internationally renowned queen of re-invention, dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, helping corporations like Coca-Cola, IBM and CISCO, as well as Knauf Insulation in Slovenia, re-invent their business processes and products. The lecture will be followed by a roundtable entitled “Startup wars – The corporate force awakens!”, where representatives of established big companies, such as Bonnier Business Press, Kolektor GroupDanfossComtrade Group, Sportina Group and Petrol will reveal their current practices of lean innovation. 

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Additional benefits when purchasing the PODIM PRO package

3. PODIM Big & Fast one-on-one (only in the PODIM PRO package) 

Connecting big established companies with startups at organized speed dating meetings! 

More than 200 startups from Slovenia and the Alps-Adriatic region attend PODIM every year. We list the most promising ones and introduce them in a catalogue. You can choose up to 5 companies that you wish to meet personally at an organized meeting and that could potentially refresh your products, technologies or team. 

We can offer meetings with startups in the following industries:

15+ startups in the field of media / communications, tourism / sport, IT / ICT / IoT
10+ startups in the field of product manufacturing / industry / transport / logistics
  5+ startups in the field of food / biotech / medical / trade / commerece / fashion / urban city property and utilities
Some of the challenges that you can solve in cooperation with PODIM startups:
  • How to reveal transparently the origin of materials / food products ...?
  • How to use drones to enhance your business?
  • How to manage a computer without touching it?
  • How can customers get their name on your products serial?
  • How to educate your own smart developers for mobile and web solutions?
  • How to provide your clients with an unforgettable 3D virtual experience of your products and services?
  • How to put all documents for employees on the iPad, the same as pilots have them before each flight?
  • Where can I find low-cost and just one click away logistics solutions for almost everything?
  • How to enrich services in tourism?

4. PODIM Playing Lean (only in the PODIM PRO package)                                        

Secure your participation at the incredibly educational Playing Lean workshop! 

At the workshop, we will use a board game to simulate the development of products in the lean way with very limited resources and in an extremely uncertain and competitive environment. It's the most effective way of reliving the startup world. We can assure you that you'll want to play this board game more than once! You can check some photos from Playing Lean workshop with ABC accelerator startups here.


5. PODIM Reflection by 30Lean (only in the PODIM PRO package) 

PODIM will give you a lot of useful content, ideas and encouragement, but only listening and thinking won't be enough! 

Secure your spot at the free post-conference meeting with leading Slovenian lean startup consultants and mentors Matej Golob and Lojze Bertoncelj from 30Lean and the movement Running Lean. With them, you'll debate about PODIM and, based on additional relevant examples from the corporate and startup practice, you'll find concrete solutions for improving your traditional or more ambitious high-impact projects. Post-conference meetings will be held in Maribor, Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica and Koper.


How to get the best offer? 

Regular conference attendance 

We can offer regular conference tickets at the price of 390 € (VAT included) but these tickets only give you access to the regular conference programme, that is without the additional PODIM PRO package offer described under sections 3, 4 and 5.    


PODIM PRO package 

You can get the PODIM PRO package if you buy at least two tickets at the regular price of 780 € (VAT included). This way, you don't only have access to the regular conference programme, but also to exclusive content from the PODIM PRO package described under sections 3, 4 and 5. For additional participants from your company, we offer an exclusive ticket price of 195 € (VAT included). Please fill out this WEB FORM to get a pro-forma invoice for the PODIM PRO package. There are only 20 PODIM PRO packages, so hurry up with your purchase! 


Want more? Become a sponsor!

If you want to make even more out of this event, we suggest you buy a bronze, silver or golden sponsorship package. Sponsors can participate in the conference programme in a suitable, pre-arranged way, and so even more directly introduce themselves and connect with participants, startups and conference speakers. At this link, you can see an excellent example of our successful collaboration with the ABC accelerator last year, when we ensured they were visibly presented at the conference as well as organized a post-conference event for them.


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Together, we are trying to spread best practices of the lean startup way of developing new business models, and simultaneously connect established experienced managers with innovative startup entrepreneurs: 
  • The Managers' Association of Slovenia, helping managers deal with challenges of implementing digital changes whose tempo is dictated by rapid, lean and innovative startup companies with their disruptive digital products and services.
  • Initiative Start:up Slovenia as the provider of key national programmes for startups and connector of public and private stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem, summarizing its activities every year at the PODIM Conference.
  • Business daily Finance with the media project Startupozavri or Startuposauruses, in which they highlight startup freshness in established Slovenian companies and thus contribute to healthy development of entrepreneurial spirit in the Slovenian society.
  • 30Lean as an established consultant and mentor of lean innovation in already established organizations, mentor of startup teams of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, ABC Accelerator and others, and the leading partner of the Slovenia Running Lean movement. 
Our first joint activities include gathering and sharing these types of good and bad experiences, and co-creating PODIM Conference content for established companies