March 03

Andrea Spiegel, SVP of Product Development and Video at Forbes

Find out first-hand how the globally-renowned media company Forbes develops new products

Forbes is one of the most successful global media companies with over 70 million euros of revenue. The media company is especially well-known for its list of the richest people on Earth. Like other media companies, Forbes is facing rapid technological change, which is dramatically impacting how companies do business.
Companies, especially those in dynamic industries such as the media, are forced to constantly innovate their products and processes and search for new business models. Forbes is well aware of this and thus constantly innovates and maintains a culture of internal entrepreneurship through acquiring start-ups. Interested in how they do this?
Andrea Spiegel, who is responsible for new product development at Forbes, will be joining us at the PODIM 2014 conference. Andrea also has ample experience in start-ups, as she was head of development in the True/Slant start-up which Forbes subsequently acquired. She is therefore an excellent source of advice and practical ideas on how to develop new products, encourage intrapreneurship and work with various types of stakeholders.

Andrea began her career at Fox television, where she was a reporter for "A current affair" for ten years. She spent nine years building products and communities at AOL. Her start-up experience in social publishing and video followed when she became head of products at the True/Slant start-up, which was acquired by Forbes two years later.
At Forbes USA, Andrea also encourages female entrepreneurship and working from home. In addition to her keynote address she will also host the workshop on how to succeed in business as a woman and also maintain a balance in your personal life. Girls, this PODIM workshop is especially for you :-)

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