February 17

Ciara Byrne - technology reporter

Which of the following topics is closer to your heart: What can the most dynamic sectors learn from others through the interdisciplinary process or how to develop concentration and flexibility of thought?

Answers to both these questions will be presented by Ciara Byrne (Great Britain), former software developer, technology reporter (Fast Company), data researcher (“big data”) and expert on mobile standards.

Ciara has worked as the head of a software development team, as an engineering manager and as an expert for mobile standards. Currently she is a correspondent for the Fast Company and her articles have been published in the magazines such as Forbes, VentureBeat, O'Reilly Radar, The New York Times Digital and Techcrunch Ciara’s interests include data science, robotics, health technology, news hacking and cycling in high heels.  

What you will learn from Ciara Byrne

  • Ciara will give the keynote address on how to use the interdisciplinary approach to maximise economic value creation. Ciara will use case studies to illustrate how software developers and the industry as a whole can learning from other sectors. 
  • She will host a workshop for creative talents and demonstrate the benefits of yoga on improving wisdom, concentration and flexibility, which are essential qualities of any successful entrepreneur.