February 11

Keynote on PODIM will be author of the book Running Lean!

From today until 2 April we will announce one PODIM2014 key note speaker every week. You know that too much exciting news all at once is not good (same as with chocolate :)

We promise you an extraordinary motivational and educational experience at this year’s conference, so make sure to mark 14 and 15 May in your calendar for one of the biggest regional conferences for entrepreneurs.

Ash Maurya, author of the Amazon best-selling book on “lean entrepreneurship” Running Lean

He has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade, and throughout that time he has been in search of a better, faster way of building successful products.
Then he ran into the early works on Customer Development and Lean Startup pioneered by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. He joined the conversation and has been rigorously applying and testing these principles since then. He started sharing his learnings on this blog, which then turned into a book, and subsequently into a series of products aimed at helping entrepreneurs raise their odds of success.

He has spent the last four years teaching and refining this methodology through numerous workshops and bootcamps around the world in Austin, Barcelona, Boston, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Santiago, Toronto, Tokyo, Halifax, Prague, Montreal, Vancouver, Rio de Janiero, and Sao Paulo. He has worked with companies ranging from 1 person start-ups to large enterprises such as Intel, Dell, NPR, Amazon, and given lectures at a number of universities including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and UT Austin.

Maximize you opportunity to learn from Ash Maurya

Since Ash is flying all the way from the USA we will make sure that you will have many opportunities to learn from him. The conference is limited to only 500 participants. PODIM tickets are sold out every year.