May 11

40 % voiceover discount for all PODIM 2015 attendees!

Fancy a snappy professional British voiceover recording for your startup promo or explainer video? Need to kick start your big idea in the right direction? Our Podim Challenge host Peter Hopwood – presentation coach, copywriter and professional voiceover artist is offering a special 40 % discount for English voiceover recordings strictly for all PODIM 2015 attendees!
As digital video content continues to be one of the hottest marketing trends in 2015, adding a charming, clear English voiceover to your online promo or explainer video, will help strike home your crystal-clear message, reach out to further international markets and may just give your idea the edge it needs to stand out among investors.
You'll get a professional studio voiceover recording, to perfectly fit your story, idea or concept. Listen to Peter's demos to hear a taste of what he can do then simply get in touch with Peter to discuss your project and how he can help you in more detail. Even better, why not say hello at the conference as he'll be pleased to meet you face-to-face.
PODIM Challenge Prize: British English voiceover
Adding to the fantastic list of prizes for the lucky PODIM Challenge 2015 startups, Peter will be giving away one professional voiceover recording to one of the five selected startups – the startup he feels has the strongest presentation in terms of presentation technique, voice control and getting the overall message across to the audience.
Pitching tips to think about
Peter has shared with us a selection of key points when presenting as a startup or speaking in public:
Begin with a bang
You need to grab the attention of your audience from the second you kick off. Think about a something that provokes curiosity. A concise story, a shocking statistic or unexpected statement. A you-focused question to the audience can also be effective – “Can you think of the last time when…? Get the audience thinking. Keep them tuned in.
Limit your key points
With so much to say it’s often a temptation to squeeze everything into the presentation. Rather than touching on lots of different points, try focussing on 3 or 4 key points and sharing them very well. This keeps your message more concise and you won’t get lost remembering your presentation.
Use anchors
Simply, anchors are devices you can use to make your key points stick! They hook key points helping your audience grasp the message. Stories are great examples.  Analogies, metaphors and acronyms are equally effective anchors you can always use to create impact.

Craft a compelling closing
Your last impression should be the best one! Use the opportunity to summarize your key points and tie them together to share your overall message. State very clearly your call to action or the next steps you’d like your audience to follow after listening to your speech.
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