May 10

PODIM concentration and energy: Awake and fit with Medex!

On the second day of the PODIM Conference, on Thursday 14 May at 7 o’clock in the morning, we will meet up in the reception of the Habakuk Hotel. Medex will organise morning exercise to wake up the conference participants. If the weather is nice, Marko Pokleka, a well-known personal trainer from Maribor, will take us outside to get some fresh air, and if it rains, we will do some exercise in the hotel’s sports hall. Medex will provide a delicious Protein bar and Smoothie so that everyone doing morning exercise will regenerate and have a protein-rich breakfast. Meanwhile, conference attendees will look under their chairs to find a bottle of Guarana natural energy for better concentration and a high level of energy!
Improved and long-lasting concentration at work
Guarana natural energy is a food additive containing guarana natural caffeine. Compared to caffeine and tea, it has the advantage of being released into the bloodstream more slowly, which means that its effects last for a steadier and longer period of time (4-6 hours). This way, Guarana natural energy contributes to improved and long-lasting concentration at work, when studying, driving or facing any other challenges that demand more energy and concentration.
Guarana for entrepreneurs
Guarana is also welcome in business, because it gives entrepreneurs additional energy and keeps them awake and concentrated in stressful and mentally-challenging situations, for example when preparing presentations or project pitches for potential clients or investors, brainstorming, coordinating daily responsibilities with evening activities, and so on.
In a bottle or a capsule?
From now on, Guarana natural energy from Medex comes in two forms: in a bottle containing 100 mg of guarana natural caffeine (comparable to the caffeine content in 2.5 cups of coffee) and in capsules containing 30 mg of guarana natural caffeine per capsule. Since guarana caffeine also contributes to a longer-lasting energy boost in sports activities, Medex developed Guarana natural energy sport, which doesn’t only include guarana natural caffeine but also vitamins that contribute to a more efficient sports activity.
A surprise under the chair
This year, Medex will introduce Guarana natural energy as a surprise for the PODIM Conference attendees listening to the programme in the hall. Every day, Medex will “hide” one bottle of Guarana under half of the chairs in the hall, and the programme moderator will ask the listeners to check if they are one of the lucky ones who will get an energy boost with guarana.
A protein treat after exercise
After the morning exercise, Medex will treat PODIM participants to a Protein bar and a Smoothie, both of which are designed for regeneration after sports activities, but they can also be a protein-rich breakfast for the attendees. Protein helps with important bodily functions and is consequently an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Since it contributes to the activity of muscles and bones, it can help entrepreneurs maintain their physical condition, which also strongly affects mental endurance.