May 09

Startups, do you know IT services of Slovenia Post?

Pošta Slovenije (Slovenia Post) is a successful company that has a long tradition and is well-established in numerous market segments. They combine traditional post services with the newest electronic services. They have their own IT infrastructure that completely guarantees safe e-business. Additionally, their PosITa services offer a wide range of safe and reliable IT solutions to companies of all sizes, and since they are so safe, reliable and charge actual utilization costs, they are very suitable for start-up companies as well.
For your first steps, growth and development
The digital office of Slovenia Post is designed as a flexible platform for everyone who needs advanced and safe IT solutions, access to data and files from anywhere and on any device, and needs to do business without a large starting investment.
The platform is designed so it can adapt to your starting needs as well as to the growth and development of your company. It is based on the Software-as-a-Service concept, and uses state-of-the-art hosting technologies. For you as a user, this means that you can lease and use the newest software solutions and user equipment, but still pay as you go, which helps make your business model more transparent.
Pošta Slovenije (Slovenia Post) is a registered public certificate agency with the name Pošta®ca, issuing various types of qualified digital certificates that are nearly indispensable for operations today.
Paperless business with PoštAR
The new service PoštAR is an e-substitute to some of the already-existing services of physical transmission (mostly services such as a standard and simple letter, registered letter, specific legislation letter …). Compared to sending letters in the physical world, PoštAR saves the sender money (transmission costs are lower than in the physical world), while still ensuring compliance with Slovenian legislation.
My post, eArchive and eBills
The portal Moja pošta (My Post) offers you a safe, comprehensive and simple way of managing and exchanging digital documents. In eArhiv (eArchive), you can safely store electronic documents, the digitalization of paper documents makes doing business easier and saves space, and the eRačuni (eBills) portal is a simple business solution. 
Alternate Information Centre
The safety of IT equipment is strongly connected to the safety of operations. The Alternate Information Centre (Nadomestni informacijski center or NIC) is a special place for users who wish to remove certain system capacities from their work environment in order to ensure a higher level of safety.
Cost optimization
PosITa infrastructure solutions enable companies to optimize costs in the IT field, using the pay-as-you-go system and paying the actual use. This way, companies don’t have to worry about physical safety, system rooms (DC), cooling, power and maintenance.
Meet PosITa at PODIM
Meet Slovenia Post in their showroom at the PODIM Conference, where you will have the opportunity to find solutions for your start-up company with help of their experts. You can also write to and arrange a visit.  
Prize for the PODIM Challenge winner
Slovenia Post will offer one year of virtual server use free of charge to the winner of the pitching competition in the investment part of the conference, PODIM Challenge. The IaaS Windows virtual server is a basic infrastructure service in a cloud, based on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It provides fast and easy access to infrastructure for development, testing or full production, without any starting investments. The infrastructure includes all the necessary communication equipment, hardware, disk capacities and connectivity for management and services that will run on the leased infrastructure.