May 08

The revolutionary Krypton Investment Mechanism at the PODIM conference

Krypton Venture Capital believes that the modern online potential of startups can’t be analysed by tight necktied investment bankers. This is why their investments are guided by their own Krypton Investment Mechanism (KIM) method that replaces the costly, unreliable and time-consuming due diligence with the voice of the masses using Krypton’s own media base with 80 million individuals and 1.5 % of the global internet marketing traffic. You will have an opportunity to learn about the KIM method at a special investor workshop at the PODIM Conference.
When investment decisions are led by the voice of the Internet
Krypton Venture Capital is convinced that the voice of the masses is the right determining factor for potential startup success. With their media base, covering 1.5 % of global internet traffic and counting 80 million users, they have the ability to mobilise this voice and use it to gauge proof of concept. They will present their KIM method at a PODIM Conference workshop, intended mostly for investors and taking place on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 between 12:50 and 14:00 o’clock.
Investments into B2C PC products
Krypton specializes for investments into B2C PC products, meant for final users. Their main goal is to take a startup and throw it into the online media universe, check its potential and quickly launch its product, without wasting time and money for costly and unreliable due diligence processes.
The Mass Intelligence Stage
The main distinguishing feature of the fund is its ownership structure. As such, Krypton has access to 1.5 % of the global internet marketing traffic, which gives immeasurable value to their startups. As part of their unique investment mechanism, they added a special stage called the “Mass Intelligence Stage”, in which startups are exposed to their substantial traffic base allowing the voice of the Internet to dictate strengths and weaknesses of any given product.
Confident in their process and trusting the opinion of 80 million individuals
If the “Mass Intelligence Stage” shows potential, then Krypton exercises their right to the predetermined equity. However, if the masses decide that there is no place for the startup in today’s market, they take no equity and ask for no refunds. They are confident enough in their process that they trust the global audience to guide their investment decisions. If two heads are better than one, then 80 million must be foolproof.