May 07

Do you already own a copy of the book Startup Branding Funnel?

Read the new book Startup branding funnel and build a successful brand in the way that the most innovative companies in the world are doing it. Authors of the recently published book, a marketing professor Maja Konečnik Ruzzier and an entrepreneurship professor Mitja Ruzzier, looked to more than 40 startups from Slovenia and abroad to find recipes and advice for building globally successful brands and their stories. They will present the hard copy of the book at the PODIM Conference.
Today, stories win
In today’s highly-competitive and saturated market battle, those brands that manage to build a unique relationship with their users through their stories are the ones that succeed. Startup Branding Funnel authors – Maja Konečnik Ruzzier, marketing professor at the Faculty of Economics UL, and Mitja Ruzzier, entrepreneurship professor at the Faculty of Management UP – were wondering how one can even create, then build and nurture this relationship.

How to build attractive, authentic stories?
The book was created as an answer to numerous questions that the authors received, including how to enter the global market with a business idea and build an attractive, authentic story around it. They asked successful startup companies created by founders from Slovenia and abroad about the advice, recipes and experiences for successfully building and communicating brands.
Participating startups and stakeholders
They succeeded in attracting more than 40 successful startups, including BellaBeat, Celtra, FlyKly, Layer, 4thOffice, Red Pitaya and others. They also worked together with stakeholders of the startup ecosystems of the most advanced centres in the world, such as Silicon Valley. They checked their hypotheses and perfected their model with opinions of consultants, investors and professors.
Getting a unique emotional experience with a funnel
In the book, the authors use the main tool, called a funnel, to systematically lead entrepreneurs and marketers through the process of brand development. Throughout the book, readers get a helping hand from numerous winning approaches of globally successful startup companies. As the media portal STAkrog reported, the readers will learn how to offer a unique emotional experience, which will make their users feel more connected to the brand. At the same time, they will know how to look at the funnel from both the entrepreneur’s as well as the user’s perspectives. 
Meet the authors at the PODIM Conference
The authors will present the hard copy of the book at the PODIM Conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet the authors and talk to them. The book came from the printing house a couple of days ago, but the e-book is already waiting for you on Amazon.