May 04

PODIM Conference can help you expand to markets abroad!

PODIM Conference stage will host more than 50 renowned speakers from practically all over the world – USA, many European countries, the Middle East, India and even Asia. These well-respected and carefully chosen speakers are serial entrepreneurs, investors and globally-experienced consultants with a wide network of contacts and incredible knowledge of the markets.

Do you want the PODIM Conference to help you expand to markets abroad? 

The good news is that they are prepared to meet you and help you expand to markets abroad, offering you advice and guidelines as well as concrete contacts. The conference will organize one-on-one meetings of speakers and start-up companies. Networking is intended for founded companies that already have the first customers, are entering the global market and will attend the conference.

Besides mentors who can help you enter markets abroad, networking will also be organised with investors and representatives of established companies. Networking and one-on-one meetings will be organized on the basis of the prepared catalogue of startup companies, business goals of entrepreneurs and the availability and interest of consultants.

Join us at the PODIM Conference and jump a step forward on your path of expanding to markets abroad. A unique and excellent opportunity for all startup companies from the Alpe-Adria region.

Today is your last opportunity to purchase the ticket!