April 29

PODIM partner: Startups, meet Kompas MTS!

There are truly numerous opportunities for startups to collaborate with Kompas MTS! Since it’s focused on new strategic investments that don’t depend on being complementary to their already existing commercial activities, Kompas MTS as a strategic partner gives startups the opportunity for fast growth and reaching goals through access to capital, staff, knowledge, infrastructure and sales channels.

Long-standing tradition in commercial activities

Company MTS d.d. has a long-standing tradition of doing business in Slovenia. Ever since its establishment in 1951, it has been maintaining and strengthening its main business, namely carrying out commercial activities connected to cross-border passenger transport.

Shops at 21 border crossings

Throughout its years of doing business, Kompas MTS has been successfully following its vision and taken over an enviable share of the Slovenian market. For this purpose, the company also designed its own brand called KOMPAS SHOP. This brand transformed into its own company that is always attentively following market changes, adapting to them and is developing into a well-known chain of business facilities along the entire Slovenian border in line with market dynamics. The shops can be found at 21 important international border crossings with Austria, Italy and Croatia. There is also a business facility in central Slovenia.

Socially responsible operation

Their long-standing tradition and experience are enriched with new knowledge and combined with state-of-the-art approaches as well as socially responsible operation. That is why they are staying on the path they had outlined at the beginning – the path of success and further growth of the entire company.

Looking for new projects and business opportunities

In order for the company to stay on the market, it needed to implement radical changes and new business approaches. Even today, the company constantly seeks new projects and business opportunities. It’s focusing on looking for new business paths and expanding activities through collaboration and merging with new innovative and promising companies.

Collaboration with startups

There are truly numerous opportunities for collaboration, mostly because Kompas MTS is focused on strategic investments that don’t depend on being complementary to their already existing activities. On the market, they take the role of a strategic partner that can enable further growth and goal achievement. They have the capital, staff, knowledge (of law, finance, sales …), infrastructure and sales channels. They wish to expand to new fields and take risks with new challenges.

Meet at PODIM Speed Dating

Company Kompas MTS wants strategic collaboration, in the form of investments as well as consultations. Do you wish to meet Kompas MTS representatives at the PODIM conference? Send us an e-mail at networking@podim.org