April 28

Talking about social entrepreneurship together with Coworking Maribor!

Social entrepreneurship is reaching an increasingly higher standing in the world, as it doesn’t only create new jobs, contribute to economic growth and provide a more diverse offer on the market, but also considers higher moral standards of business, reinvests profits and creates mostly social value for the good of the society. Social ideas are also usually the ones that spread the fastest in the form of movements and motivations for changing the world for the better. All these are important facts that will be covered at the PODIM 2015 Conference as part of the roundtable on social entrepreneurship.

Five incredible guests with vast experience

The PODIM Conference will host a roundtable on social entrepreneurship on Thursday, 14 May between 15:30 and 16:30. We will be joined by five incredible speakers from Croatia, Austria, India and even Malaysia. The speakers will share their rich experience from the world of social entrepreneurship. The PODIM 2015 Conference will thus offer you an incredible opportunity to listen to the following excellent speakers:

More abut speakers 

Sartaj Anand is an entrepreneur that is leading several ventures and has an unreasonable dream to positively impact 1 billion human lives and their stories in his lifetime.

Mohd Zikry Kholil is cofounder of the global movement Incitement, present in 37 countries and encouraging individuals to incite positivity in the form of visions, goals, knowledge, stories and, in the long run, taking the idea into action.

Daniel de Gruijter is, together with Zikry, cofounder of the global movement Incitement, striving to have a more equal, tolerant and positive world. The Incitement movement was founded at the end of 2011 and is today organising events all across the world.

Hermes Arriga is CEO and cofounder of the accelerator network Impact Hub Zagreb, where he is assuming the role of strategic manager. Impact Hub is an organisation that is building a community, connecting resources and creating a network of people and knowledge in 60 cities across the world.

Bistra Kumbaroska is manager in Impact Hub Vienna, where she supports social entrepreneurship through business models of social entrepreneurship. She is responsible for creating and implementing user experience for all social entrepreneurs who wish to join their network.

The roundtable will be moderated by Tomaž Stritar, founder and current CEO of the Successful Entrepreneur Institute. Tomaž Stritar is social worker by education and entrepreneur by heart. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship.

Incredible speakers talking about social entrepreneurship, only at the PODIM 2015 conference. Join us. 


Roundtable topics

  • Entrepreneur or social entrepreneur?
  • How to get an incredible social business idea?
  • Characteristics of a social entrepreneur?
  • The importance and positive influence of social entrepreneurship.
  • Differences in social entrepreneurship on various continents.
  • Practical experience from success stories in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  • Positive movements, changing the world for the better, and a lot more ...
The roundtable will also give you an incredible opportunity to ask the guests about various topics from social entrepreneurship that interest you.

Step into the world of social entrepreneurship with Coworking Maribor

The roundtable on social entrepreneurship at the PODIM 2015 Conference was made possible by Coworking Maribor, which we are proudly collaborating with.

Coworking Maribor (CWMB) is a place, community, positive energy where ideas come true. Coworking Maribor is co-created by young entrepreneurs who are still polishing their ideas and preparing ventures. Experienced entrepreneurs who wish to share their experience are also a part of Coworking Maribor. CWMB is a place where entrepreneurial individuals who wish to co-create a propulsive environment can meet up and polish their ideas. It also organises seminars, workshops, lectures and consultations for strengthening skills and acquiring new knowledge for business successes. CWMB is thus a place of goal-oriented wishes, capabilities and a lot of motivation as well as a desire for constantly inducing changes in the community.

Read more about CWMB at www.cwmb.si and join the positive atmosphere, especially if you’re thinking about your own social company.