April 21

PODIM partner: Zavod Ypsilon and their mentorship program!

The youth is faced with a number of challenges on an everyday basis, on personal as well as on professional matters. They possess good ideas, have great visions, only that sometimes the way to success requires a piece of advice or guidance from someone more experienced. In that way, the set goal can be achieved with fewer mistakes, and in a faster, more efficient way. Why wouldn't the youth learn from the successful business men, economists, artists, scientists, and all of the other that can offer advice and mentorship?

Why wouldn't every young individual have the opportunity to have a mentor at least once in their life?

Our project “Slovenia - A Mentorship Country”, an all-Slovenian action will take place on the 21 May 2015, in collaboration with the Employment Service of Slovenia and Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. We will raise public awareness about the importance of mentoring and encourage the intergenerational solidarity. For this purpose, workshops on the matter of mentorship will be organized all over Slovenia on different locations (e.g. “Why mentorship?”, “What are its benefits?”, “How to keep an effective mentorship relationship?”). Within the workshop we will connect young individuals with the mentors registered on our platform www.mentorstvo.si.

Action's Objectives                                                          

Our main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of mentorship and to establish as many new mentoring connections throughout Slovenia as possible. The mentors and the individuals then meet at least once a month at the mentoring meetings. In the future, we wish to evolve the project into something sustainable, thus offering the younger generation an access to knowledge an experiences that the mentors possess.

Join the action

You can join the campaign in several ways:
  1. Become a mentor
  2. Find a mentor
  3. Help with the action's promotion
  4. Become the action's partner
If you are interested in collaboration with the action “Slovenia - A Mentoring Country”, contact Zavod Ypsilon on mobile +386 40 810  345 (Sabina Đuvelek) or send an e-mail to info@ypsilon.si
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