April 16

PODIM partner: Startups, meet with S&T Slovenia!

S&T Slovenija has been one of the leading providers of comprehensive IT solutions in Slovenia for more than 20 years. They are planning, developing, installing and outsourcing business and IT solutions. In Slovenia, they installed safety mechanisms through which 76 % of all bank transactions are carried out, implemented ERP systems in more than 50 big manufacturing companies, and also have more than 1000 IT certificates of all the largest companies in the IT field.

In 2014, they achieved 2nd place on the Slovenian market of IT solutions, ranking before IBM and after SRC. They also realized about 29 million EUR turnover, which is 5 % more than the year before. Their vision is to become the first choice in ensuring business and IT services in the region.

Company S&T Slovenija employs 190 people, sharing a common mission: to solve complex business and IT challenges, and develop the society while doing so. More than 12,000 people have trained in the S&T educational centre, and more than 3,000 IT professionals successfully validated their IT certificate. More than 80 % of the largest Slovenian companies have a partner relationship with S&T Slovenia.

The company is majority owned by the S&T AG company, which has more than 70 branches in 17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Having around 2,000 employees and 338 million EUR profit, the group S&T is the leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions in those countries. It also works with the biggest companies in the IT field, for example SAP, IBM, EMC, Cisco, MS, HP, ORACLE and Hitachi.
S&T Slovenija and the start-up ecosystem – collaboration opportunities
S&T Slovenija and the start-up ecosystem can collaborate in various ways. In the field of consultations, S&T Slovenija offers help preparing and managing processes of agile software development and advice for choosing and introducing tools for development process support. They also provide consultations for the preparation and management of processes in the field of providing services and managing infrastructure as well as help with planning, setting up and managing infrastructure.

They can help start-ups perform on the international markets through the S&T group, but they will also collaborate with the start-up ecosystem by putting financial and service investments into products and services that they recognize as strategic and complementary to the S&T portfolio.

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Company S&T Slovenija wishes to help young companies with their international market performance by offering investments and advice when startups are preparing and developing their products and services.
S&T Slovenija is primarily focusing on companies working in the ICT field, or companies, in which ICT is an important part of their solutions. They can offer the most value to companies that have just launched their solution to the market and are in the beginning stages of growth.
Do you want to meet with S&T Slovenia on PODIM 2015 conference? Send us an e-mail to elvisa@startup.si.

How to organize ICT development and processes in the growth stage?
You have an idea, others think that it shows promise and they are prepared to invest. Now you only have to implement the idea. You have a working prototype. Congratulations! The orders started arriving. It’s everything you ever wanted, but now you can’t mess up.

What can you do? See how bigger companies do it! However, you should skip the weaknesses of big companies that could crush your good will towards entrepreneurship. You need to take the best practices they acquired from successful as well as unsuccessful projects. You can learn the most from your mistakes.

Stay focused on your content and learn about successful practices of established companies that can help you get to the market faster and safer. Based on the implemented projects, S&T Slovenija will tell you about their experiences and tools for development and solution management, such as for example:
  • How will you control the scope of the project?
  • How will you hold on to the common thread during project development?
  • How will you successfully exchange knowledge in the team?
  • Which agile tools can help you manage the project?
  • How will you manage highly available production environment?

Join us on the PODIM 2015 conference and participate at the lecture ”How to organize ICT development and processes in the growth stage”