May 13

Even Forbes humbled before the Internet

Infinite possibilities, open participation and demolition of old industries are just some of the elements that the internet has brought into our society. In an interview before her speech at the second day of the PODIM conference, Andrea Spiegel spoke about the nature of the internet, digital products and contents and how the ever-flowing nature of the internet has changed the way we view ourselves, our communities and media content.
As Spiegel explained, the internet is the great equalizer. Never before was it for everyday citizens to come into contact with their favorite (or their most hated) movie star, singer or even politician and get an immediate response. The Forbes Magazine (where Spiegel is senior vice president of Product Development and Video) is keeping in touch with this new reality, encouraging the communication between readers and writers.
In Spiegel’s words, the key is humility, being aware of the market and other companies, and what is more: never feeling too confident. No matter how great and established a brand you might be (even Forbes), you must go with the tide, or a new and better idea will replace you. The consumers may not like everything you give them, but once they accept you, they will adapt. For instance: take the changing nature of TV and TV watching. The emergence of non-traditional digital content production has even caused new viewer behavior (for example: TV series, that do not air on a weekly basis, but are instead published in one piece as a complete series – to indulge those of us who like to binge-watch).
Andrea Spiegel will be part of the second day of the PODIM conference as the keynote speaker (“From building a startup to keeping startup culture in a big company”) and with a workshop titled Women Entrepreneurship.