May 12

Conference sold out, 5 excellent accompanying events!

We have sold all tickets for the PODIM conference 2014. There will be more than 600 participants, amongst which 200 from abroad. But we have an entire week of international entrepreneurship activities ahead of us, as we organised five excellent pre- and after-conference events together with partners:
  • On Monday, May 12th 2014, from 18 to 21 o’clock: first meeting of the Product Design Guild Ljubljana (sold out)
    • Organizers: PODIM2014, Firestartr, Gigodesign, DsgnFwd
  • On Monday, May 12th 2014, from 19 to 21 o’clock: hanging out with Max Gurvits in Vinoteka Movia in Ljubljana (a closed event)
    • Organizers: PODIM2014, CEED Slovenia, SiliconGardens
  • On Tuesday, May 13th 2014, Deloitte Business Lunch (a closed event)
    • Organizers: PODIM2014 and Deloitte Slovenia
  • On Friday, May 16th 2014, at 19 o’clock in the coffee shop Slamič: conversation with the founder of the application for reading newspapers on Zite tablets – Mark Johnson. The conversation will be led by Jeff Reine, former director of the blogger platform Typepad, current director of relations with publishers in Zemanta.
At the conference itself, and maybe even at one of the accompanying events, we will announce a bunch of new products for supporting and financing start-up companies, two public business accelerators and new activities of private investors.
We must not forget the Slovenian translation of the book from Ash Maurya Running Lean, which is being printed as we are preparing this message and will officially see the light of day on Wednesday, May 14th – on the day of the PODIM conference 2014 opening.
With these events, we are placing Slovenia on the market of international business hubs. Our goal is to support national talents, prevent entrepreneurial brain drain and even more – attract talents from abroad into Slovenia.
Your PODIM team