February 07

Check your diary and make a note of 14 and 15 May.

Do you agree that no major success was achieved in the world without taking major risk? The same is true for entrepreneurship. Any risk brings with it also specific challenges arising during individual phases of an enterprise’s development. These risks are represented very well by an entrepreneurial rollercoaster. One moment you are at the bottom, the next on the top and in-between you are experiencing an adrenalin-filled ride.  

These specific challenges and how to beat them and build a successful global enterprise will be addressed at the 34th international PODIM conference. The topic “Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster" will provide answers to the following key entrepreneurship questions:
  • How important is the market on which an entrepreneur operates?
  • How to avoid the false feeling of progress?
  • How to face difficult business situations and how to negotiate?
  • How to secure investment or financial assets through crowd funding?
  • How to develop internal entrepreneurship and manage the enterprise through different phases of its development?
  • How to succeed using modern entrepreneurial methodologies such as the principles of lean and agile start-ups?
  • And much, much more.
What events can you expect to take place at PODIM 2014?

Renowned international speakers – great efforts went into organizing this year’s conference and we have succeeded in attracting a number of international speakers, distinguished entrepreneurs and consultancy experts in the area of entrepreneurship. The whole conference will be in English.

Activities taking place alongside the conference including social events – a series of social and other activities will take place in all major cities and towns in Slovenia with participation of key conference speakers, start-ups, government representatives and other participants of the ecosystem. Your invitation is on its way to you.

Start:up of the Year 2014 Competition – this year we will again select the Slovenian Start:up of the Year 2014. The award ceramony will ensure networking and gathering with the best Slovenian entrepreneurs. We also promise a fun-filled and magnificent event.   

PODIM Challenge – as this year’s PODIM Challenge (competition of start-ups to secure a meeting with investors) will involve the participation of reputable international investors and internationally acknowledged experts in the field of entrepreneurship, we also expect the participation of start-ups from neighbouring countries. If you are looking for an investor or high-quality feedback on your idea, the PODIM Challenge provides a unique, too-good-to-miss opportunity.

PODIM Matching – for all entrepreneurs out there looking for co-founders, we are organizing the PODIM Matching event. At the event entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their ideas and indicate the type of co-founder they are looking for (technical know-how, business knowledge, etc.). Participants will be able to state which idea attracts them most and we will organize meetings based on their choice.

PODIM Networking – a series of networking events aimed at promoting integration and fast acquaintance will be organized as part of PODIM Networking. We shall strive to ensure that at PODIM 2014 you will be able to meet as many potential business partners and friends at once as possible.

PODIM Evening party – at the close of the first day we will organize an evening party with a DJ, animation, networking and plenty of fun. All this and more. Come and join the craziest entrepreneurial experience!  

Each year all tickets are sold out and more information is to follow soon.

10 February (make a note in your diary) the new PODIM 2014 website will be launched announcing the first few conference speakers. New contents and speakers will be announced through to April.  Too much of a good thing at once is bad for you :)

You will be able to purchase your tickets through the new website. Of course, we are also preparing a special “early bird” offer.

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