May 03

The 8th Semi-finalist Start:up 2014: Integration of SaaS applications

The company Sunesis has developed Kumuluz, an integration platform that solves the problem of integration of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. Recently, companies have begun to transfer their applications to the cloud, which means that there is an increasing need for integrating SaaS applications with already existing applications.
Unlike the classical approach, where all applications are connected to each other, the Kumulz platform implements the principle of a hub, which means that every application requires only one connection. This significantly speeds up the development of integration.

The team of startup Sunesis Ltd. (from left to right: Miha Nagelj, Tilen Faganel, Eva Zupančič, Zvone Gazvoda, dr. Aleš Frece, Rok Povše)
Kumuluz implements three technological innovations: the automatic construction of a common data model, the automated mapping between data schemes and the architecture for event integration, which enables integration in real time. The platform also supports migration, data backup, management of key data, master data management and big data analytics implementation of integrated data. In the near future, they are planning integration with internet of things devices, such as various sensors, mobile devices and the like.
Their competitors offer one or at most two of the functions of the Kumuluz integration platform, which preforms integration faster, significantly shortens the time of migration and is considerably less expensive than other providers.
They have already signed their first contract (namely with the company Akrapovič), they are in the final stages of talks with companies from Austria, they are negotiating with Slovenian providers of cloud services and have signed a letter of intent with Vestigo in order to enter the Croatian market.
Author: Anja Kodra