May 03

The 10th Semi-filnalist Start:up 2014: More energy and better health

The fast pace of life often prevents us from taking care of our health, which is reflected in the amount of water we drink daily. The team of the company OOG Ltd. saw a business opportunity and a solution to this problem, a patented gauge that measures the amount of water in the bottle - H2O-Pal, which sends the information via Bluetooth to a smart phone application and keeps track of the amount of water you drink.

Founder and CEO of OOG Ltd. Igor Marjanovic , univ. dipl. inž. el.

H2O-Pal is an innovation in the field of healthcare because of its added value and usefulness for people who care about a healthy lifestyle, especially for patients, who need to keep track of the amount of water they drink daily (diabetics, patients with renal impairment, etc.).
H2O-Pal has attracted a lot of interest abroad, where the company has already made contact with partners who will use their patents in their products (PHILIPS, PANASONIC). They are planning to set up their sales through their website and distributers.

The consortium Bluetooth Special Interest Group ranked H2O-Pal among the four most innovative prototypes of the year at the consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas and the Finance newspaper ranked them among the best business ideas of 2013.
Author: Anja Kodra