May 01

The 6th Semi-finalists Start:up 2014: Simulator for less accidents

Every year, 1.24 million people are killed in traffic accidents, 400,000 of which are young people, aged 10 to 24. Research shows that practice in driving, driving education and training on simulators can reduce the possibility of causing a traffic accident by up to 66%. This prompted the team of NERVteh Ltd. to develop a driving simulator that mimics the responses of a real vehicle.

The team of start-up NERVteh d.o.o. (from left to right: Jaka Simonič, David Možina, Jernej Dolinšek and CEO Matej Vengust).

The interior is composed of real car parts and a screen that allows the user to have complete peripheral vision. Part of their innovation is a moving platform, simulating the movement of the car chassis, allowing the driver to feel the action on the screen. The second part is the simulation itself, which can be used for basic training or dangerous and unpredictable situations such as speeding, driving under the influence, a child jumping on the road and similar.
Their program is currently primarily used by road safety organizations (AMZS, ADAC, WHO), insurance companies and automotive industries. In the future, they wish to participate in the gaming industry and lend simulators to educational institutions. Compared to other providers of simulators, their product is in the lead mainly due to the advantages of the moving platform, the software that provides a highly realistic driving sensations and the possibility of adapting the training to an individual’s abilities and needs. By the end of the year, the team wishes to complete the new version of the product and is currently looking for financial investment, which would enable it to enter the market faster.
Author: Anja Kodra