April 29

The 4th Semi-finalists Start:up 2014: Surgeon’s loyal assistant

Despite the modern equipment in operating rooms, there is still a 36% chance that an error will occur during the operation, mostly due to complications in the communication within the operating team. In collaboration with experts in the fields of medicine and health, the team of Adora-MED Ltd. developed a software and hardware solution to give the surgeon information in a contactless manner, i.e. with gestures and hand movements, and thereby reducing the possibility of a communication error.

The team of Adora -MED d.o.o. (from left to right: Zedin Salkanović, Andraž Leitgeb, Matej Vogrinčič and Kristjan Košič below)
A prototype, which has already been tested in practice, will soon have different shapes, adjustable according to the wishes and needs of the surgeon and the hospital system. Surgeons received ADORA very well, especially since it solves a current problem in their work, optimizes the work process and lowers costs, as well as shortens the duration of surgeries and thus the time the patient is under anesthesia. The product awaits final certification and the team believes ADORA will become a vital member of operating teams.
The project received attention and positive responses at home and abroad. The company has been mentioned as one of the best nine European startups Top 9 EU EIT ICT and they won 2nd place at the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013. They are currently finalists for The best business idea of Finance 2014, they have been named the best IT Project of the Year on DSI Conference 2013 and they also received a grant from Microsoft (ImagineCup Grant).
They are actively collaborating with the rest of the world, especially with the ACMIT Institute, with which they will perform clinical testing and address some larger clients in Austria. They are connecting with strategic partners, particularly with providers of RIS/PACS solutions that are already part of the infrastructure and have established sales channels in hospitals (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine).
Author: Anja Kodra