April 29

IdeenTriebwerk Graz & AustrianStartups BUS TO PODIM

IdeenTriebwerk Graz (ITG) & AustrianStartups (AS) are organizing a special project for all their members and followers called BUS TO PODIM.
Here are all the information on how to apply and participate in this free and fun ride to and from Maribor:
  • Where and when – Graz departures:
ITG BUS TO PODIM from Graz departs on Wednesday, 14th of May, from Graz Hauptbahnhof, at 7:45. The bus returns to Gradz from the Habakuk hotel, on Thursday, 15th of May, at 17:30.
  • Where and when – Klagenfurt departures:
AS BUS TO PODIM from Klagenfurt departs on Wednesday, 14th of May, at 6:20 (the exact departure location will be sent to participants via email). The bus returns to Klagenfurt from the Habakuk hotel, on Thursday, 15th of May, at 17:30.
  In the e-mail please include:
  • your full name,
  • full address,
  • number of tickets you wish to purchase (if you have already secured your ticket, please state so in the e-mail) and
  • your starting location (Graz or Klagenfurt).
  • if you are applying and will be paying for the ticket through a company please include full company info (name, address, tax number).
The minimal number of applicants is 5, the maximum of applicants is 8. The bus is actually a GoOpti shuttle.
  • PODIM Conference Ticket Price for BUS Participants: final price for 2 day conference (without Running Lean workshop with Ash Maurya on Thursday which is a parallel conference program) for ITG and AS members and followers is 78 €.
When we receive an e-mail with application, Anja will send the invoice to conference participant by e-mail. When invoice is paid, the participation is valid and fully confirmed.
  • Application deadline: ITG and AS members and followers can apply for this special bus to PODIM till Friday, 9th of May.
See you at PODIM!
Anja Kodra is also the contact person for all the help and additional info you need. GSM: +386 41 599 480, e-mail: anja.kodra@startup.si