April 28

The 3rd Semi-finalists Start:up 2014: Nothing is lost

We all have objects without which we cannot leave the house. Our phone, wallet and house keys are surely amongst them. Yet every day we lose quite some time feverishly looking for them while already in a hurry. The team of Geatronik Ltd. developed a solution to this problem, namely a small pendant named Chipolo.

The team of start-up Chipolo (from left to right: Domen Barovič, Jure Zdovc, Andreas de Reggi, Tadej Jevševar, Domen Plaskan, Primoz Zelenšek and, missing in the picture, Alan Jančič)

The small round pendant Chipolo connects to an application on your smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts you when you are too far from the phone and vice versa. When you are searching for your phone, you simply shake the pendant and the phone rings. The application is currently available for Android and iOS operating systems and will soon be available for users of the Windows Phone as well.
This September, the product will be upgraded with Chipolo Network – a community where Chipolo users will help each other find lost objects, which will significantly increase the current range of the application (60 meters).
In 2013 Chipolo was presented at the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, where it was supported with 211,800.00 € by more than five thousand individuals. The reviews in media abroad (including Fox News and Techcrunch) described it as an excellent product. They also received the Promotional Gift Award (award for best gifts for business partners). The product is currently sold by their distributors and can be purchased on their website, where they have already sold almost 20,000 units.
Author: Anja Kodra