April 27

The 2nd Semi-finalists Start:up 2014: Monitored fermentation of cider

Optimal cider fermentation is amongst the key factors for a good wine year. Due to complicated processes taking place during fermentation, wine makers are constantly looking for improvements in monitoring the process. The team of Enolyse start-up company saw a great business opportunity and developed a comprehensive system for monitoring the fermentation process. Smart sensor EnoMeter measures the temperature, sugar and alcohol contents and sends the information to a server. The information is then accessible from an application, ensuring that the winemaker has a complete overview of the process in the barrel.

The team of Enolyse startup (from left to right: 
Primož Zajec, Matic Krajnc, Martin Blazinšek,  Nejc Stanko,  Jaka Ogorevc and Diano Kitanovski)
Enolyse’s advantages over other competing manufacturers of laboratory and industrial equipment are low entry costs, simple use and easy access to information. SK Group and KZ Krško have already pre-ordered the system.
The team behind Enolyse consists of three electrical engineers, two programmers and a digital designer. Several advisors help the team, namely professor dr. Tatiana Košmerl of the Biotechnical Faculty, dr. Klemen Lisjakof the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, who is also an enologist in Tikveš wineries in Macedonia, and Hekovnik Startup School.
The project has attracted a lot of interest from the general public. It won first place in the Start:Cloud 2013 competition, was ranked amongst the top 10 business ideas selected by the Finance magazine and won the Rector's Award of the University of Ljubljana. They recently signed a contract with the Bulgarian (seed stage) venture capital LAUNCHub.

Author: Anja Kodra