April 25

PODIM speaker working on the largest research project of mankind

Company Cosylab has been working for project ITER since 2009 (and lately the American branch US-ITER as well). If the realization of this project is successful, an electric power plant could produce up to 10 times as much energy as today. In it, a controlled fusion would take place – a nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium, just like on the sun. As CEO Mark Pleško says: “If the project were to succeed, all energy demands of mankind for the next two thousand yours would be resolved.” 40 countries and 300 different companies are participating in this project.

Foto: Aleš Beno
The second largest project that Cosylab is participating in is ELI, a research project building the infrastructure for lighting research. The third project is Solaris, a classic synchrotron used for figuring out structures and chemical processes on metal surfaces. They are also collaborating with MedAustron, which is dedicated solely to cancer treatment and uses precise beams to harm only the tumour. It is situated in Wiener Neustadt, a new hospital near Vienna.
Mark Pleško founded the company in 2001 with a group of his students from the Institute Jožef Stefan. Today, the company has 77 employees and their main business is manufacturing particle accelerator controls. In the last year, they have hired 12 additional employees and external partners, and are planning for 10 to 15 more in the future. They also founded companies in Japan, USA and China. In the past months, they obtained three large projects on public tenders.
Summarized from: izvozniki.si