April 01

The feeling of success and entrepreneurial fame

Round table: How do the best grow and make sure they do not become dizzy from the heights?

What is the secret to the success of 50 of the fastest growing high-tech companies in Central Europe? What are the key challenges of handling such rapid growth? How can dynamic growth and innovation be nourished in large companies and how can one maintain a healthy attitude to success at the top of one's start-up fame?

Peter Frankl and his successful guests from abroad will reveal this and much more at our traditional round table. Every year, Peter Frankl promises an intensive and heated debate on the main conference stage.

In the fierce debate, Peter Frankl and his guests will discuss:

  • How to achieve over 1000% revenue growth in five years in a row,
  • Whether the limiting convictions of managers and employees really are the key challenges to growth,
  • Which motifs, levers and approaches lead to rapid growth,
  • How intrapreneurship can help retain a culture of innovation and start-up entrepreneurship in a large company,
  • How entrepreneurs view their own success which can sometimes reach rockstar dimensions and how the broader public views them at the pinnacle of their fame.
The presentation of the Technology Fast 50 study will serve as an intriguing prelude into the eye-opening debate. Adam Chroscielewski, Deloitte Central Europe, will present the characteristics of rapidly growing high-tech companies in Central Europe.