March 25

Going to market and marketing for startups

On ever more complex and saturated markets, the main challenge every start-up faces is ensuring its products offer an incredible user experience, are easily likeable and recognisable, and developing an effective strategy of attracting new customers. If you are wondering how to instil your products from day one with an element of virality, how to transform your first users into enthusiastic ambassadors of your product that will provide you with free marketing, and how to build a community of excited users, you must meet Shira.
Shira Abel is an American citizen living and working in Israel. A guru of web, mobile and classic marketing, she is director of the Hunter & Bard marketing agency from Tel Aviv. Her company specialises in high-tech start-ups and helps its clients improve their market penetration and sales. She is a passionate mentor in accelerators sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Seedcamp, Founder Institute and others. She is a StartHub lecturer at Jaffa Academic College and a popular blogger at The Next Web, and has an MBA from Kellog School of Management.

On the conference Shira will present you:

  • How to instil marketing in the product itself and begin marketing already in the product design phase,
  • How to test your idea and mitigate the risk of failure
  • Successful marketing strategies and channels for start-ups, as well as tactics, tools and metrics for their implementation,
  • When and how to communicate and build relationships and a community of enthusiastic users and customers,
  • All you need to know about behavioural engineering, going viral, branding, design and social media best practices.