June 07

What do corporates need to know about the startup world?

Reinvention, pivoting, disruptive innovation ... phrases and practices that are usual in the startup world but in corporations or big established companies, they most often cause otherwise completely natural biological reactions such as fear, escape and resistance, warns dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva. In this follow-up reportage, you can find out how managers in big systems can intelligently use changes as business sources and we offer the contents of this year's PODIM Corpo Think Tank conference segment for you to look at again (or for the first time).
Why we have to reinvent our business models every 3.5 years
Even though dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva from the WE EXIST Reinvention Agency recognized quite a few familiar faces in the audience of this year's PODIM Conference, she honestly talked to the participants – those who had already listened to her before and those who watched her on stage for the first time – and explained why we have to reinvent ourselves, our companies and our business models every 3.5 years.
IQ or EQ are less important than XQ
In a video clip of her lecture, you will find out why today, IQ or EQ are less important than XQ, that is the eXecution quotient of intelligent change management. And how to block the 90 second rule or the reaction time in which all your physically and mentally healthy co-workers will react to the suggested changes and novelties with fear, resistance or escape.

Matej Golob as the dark Kylo Ren
As part of this year's PODIM Corpo Think Tank segment, Nadya's lecture was followed by a discussion with the promising title Startup Wars – The corporate force awakens. It was led by Matej Golob from 30Lean, who marched on stage as the dark warrior Kylo Ren from the film hit Star Wars.

How to manage startup ideas and talents
Golob's main purpose was to challenge corporate representatives in a debate on how they are fighting the global startup tsunami. Or more exactly – how do they manage innovative, internal or external, startup ideas and business talents while searching for solutions for long-term exponential growth.
Below, you can see a clip of the discussion between Matej Golob and leading heads from Sportina Bled, Danfoss Trate, groups Comtrade and Kolektor, media giant Bonnier Business Press and the Association Manager.


Meet 106 most promising startups from the Alps-Adriatic region
If you weren't amongst the participants of the PODIM2016 Conference but are still one of the companies that realize the importance of collaborating with innovative startups, you can click this link to download a catalogue of 106 startup companies from the Alps-Adriatic region that attended the PODIM Conference this year. If you wish to contact and meet any of them, let us know and we will be happy to get you in touch with them.
Download the catalogue here!

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