May 10

This year, we communicate via the PODIM app!

Besides the usual way of communicating, especially over Twitter, this year’s communication between conference participants, speakers and investors will happen over the PODIM mobile app, into which the platforms and meettell are integrated. PODIM app activation demands a code, which all registrants get over email, or you can write for it to drives questions to speakers
The PODIM app menu also includes the tab Interact Q & A, powered by the platform, allowing the participants to ask speakers questions quickly and effectively. The questions will be written out on the big screen and the app will also enable them to be ranked depending on the participants’ preferences.
Participants will also be able to ask speakers questions through Twitter (via the PODIM App or individually) or with a good old microphone and nice hostesses, in case modern communication technology happens to break down.
Meettell transforms your phone into a microphone
The innovative tool meettell is also built into the PODIM App, turning the participant’s phone into a microphone if they wish to ask a question, make a comment or join a discussion. All that the participant has to do is to download the meettell app early enough, choose a suitable WI-FI network and join the PODIM session. Two big buttons will be made available (see picture below). When the participants wish to speak, they will drag down the first button, and to reply, the second one.
When it’s the participant’s turn, their phone will buzz and with a press of a button, their voice will be heard all over the hall. At the end, they will only have to slide the button upwards. If you wish to learn more about the Meettell system, look at
Modern communications supported by the European commission
This year, all above-mentioned communication activities are enabled by the European Commission, which is also the content partner of the conference. The Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia, promoting the Investment Plan for Europe (#investEU) and new guidelines for switching from non-refundable to refundable resources, will also be present at the conference.